Paul Millar

I began my interest in photography over 30 years ago that soon became an obsession as I explored more and more techniques. I am a self taught artist that learned through taking many courses and reading everything I could get my hands on. I also learned through photography courses, through photography magazines, and learning from professionals. I have won many awards online, as well as locally through different contests.

I am now a freelance photographer doing just about every aspect of photography. I have been published in news papers, brochures, CD and DVD covers, online venues, and editorials. I have experience with everything from weddings to model portfolios, seniors to show business talent, architecture to commercial photography, and more.

I love what I do, and am a perfectionist at getting the best images possible for any given project. I am a photographer, but consider myself more of an artist, as I like to create images that will be satisfying to everyone that sees them. I take my work very seriously, but like to have a light, fun and easy atmosphere for my clients so I can be sure to get them at their best when working with people. I know that some of my clients are vervous in front of the camera, so I do all I can to make them feel more comfortable.

My future in photography is endless, as the learning process never will end. There are always new techniques to experiment with, as well as ideas to create new images. The direction of photography is a path that has lead me in many different experiences of expression, and endless supply of fulfillment.

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